Krav Maga Tactical Training Options, teaching Defensive Tactics to Law Enforcement, Military, Government Officials and Civilians.

 Certification for Law Enforcement, VIP Protection and Weapon Training

Our Professional Instructors headed up by Marty Cale,  have traveled to Israel numerous times and have trained in Krav Maga Tactics with the Chief Commander, Former Chief Commander and the Head Instructor of Israeli Defense Forces as well as the top Instructors for Xpert Security and Counter Terror and Special Forces. During our travels and extensive training sessions, our Head  Instructor Marty Cale was fortunate to train inside and on the Israeli Defense Forces Military Training Base, the only civilians to ever do this. Our training was also extended to the Israeli National Security Training Academy for Court and Parliament Security Officers of Israel. ​​

This training was completed along side some of Israel's top Combat and Tactical Instructors for Elite Military groups, Police, Border Patrol and Top Security Officers. The focus during these intensive training sessions in Israel were: VIP Protection, Law Enforcement, Security, Hand To Hand Combat, Tactical Shooting, CQB and Tactical Driving. 

Head Instructor Marty Cale and his team has instructed tactical courses both in the US and overseas. We have taught tactics to Civilians, Security Officers, Law Enforcement and Military personnel from all 50 states. 

We host and teach at the largest Defensive Tactics Instructors Course for Law Enforcement in the United States. Our team has instructed our U.S. Military branches (Marine Corp at 29 Palms California, Air Force in San Angelo Texas, and Navy Seals in Gulf Port Mississippi). Our international teachings have taken our team to the Philippines, St. Lucia, Barbados and Martinique, Eastern Caribbean Islands, teaching Krav Maga Tactics and Security to the Military, Police, Airport Security and Air Marshals.

Our focus is to teaching the World's most effective Defensive Tactics and Self Defense skills. We also take into consideration issues of liability.