VIP Protection

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Our VIP Protection/Executive Protection courses are among the best in the world. Marty Cale and his Instructor Team teaches the most advanced security and bodyguard techniques as taught by the Elite Security Professionals in Israel. (the most secured country in the world) ​​

Each participant that completes the course will be certified as 
VIP Protector/Executive Protection Specialist

Basic Dignitary Course – When only 1 or 2 Bodyguards is required 
(Course Length 3 Days)

This course ensures the development of a professional Dignitary Protection Agent. This course will teach the important concepts and techniques needed for the personal protection of dignitaries and their families. We motivate all participants to develop rapid and correct solutions for different situations. We teach mental exercises that force a constant high level of awareness. Techniques include: proper walking with the individual being protected, escorting the VIP by foot, screening, protection and extraction. Working in pairs, communication and teamwork is crucial. Weapon defense is used in this course. Course is taught by Marty Cale and his team of Professional Instructors.

Basic/Advanced Dignitary Protection - when 3 or more bodyguards are required. MOST POPULAR
 (Course Length 4 Days)  

Designed to advance the skills learned in Basic class. This course will develop a high level of sophistication in the professional Dignitary Protection Agent. This course will cover the different phases in planning. Motives and methods of attack; Levels of awareness; Counter surveillance operations; Fooling the enemy; VIP and family; Route planning; Vehicle and room searches; Use of vehicles; Entering and exiting the vehicle with the protected person; Combat situations; Evacuation of the VIP with and without vehicle; Carrying pistols and rifles; Shooting from protection position; Multiple targets; Deployment from an ambushed vehicle; Evacuating the dignitary; Course is taught by Marty Cale and his Professional Team of Instructors.

Dignitary Protection Unit Development - when a full team is required – 7 or more with the use of security vehicles 
(Course Length 5-7 Days) 

Course builds on skills and tactics learned in the Basic and Advanced training courses. Focus is on development teamwork of the Dignitary Protection Unit. Learn to incorporate information learned during the advance into seamless operations using multiple team members in a variety of settings. Multiple role-playing scenarios are employed to critique performance and improve individual and team skills. The use of multiple team members and multiple vehicles. Deployment from an ambushed vehicle; Evacuating the dignitary; Tactical Driving. Course is taught by Marty Cale and his Professional Team of Instructors

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