Weapon Training
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NOTE:  Handgun Courses MUST be taught in consecutive order.

Course Topics Includes: 

Point shooting verses aimed shooting
Proper Grip and Correct trigger control
Charging and Clearing the weapon
Stance, Draw, Shoot
Quick magazine change
Ready gun positions
Stage 1, 2 & 3 malfunctions
Multiple targets
Closing range to the target - running and braking methods.
Kneeling position, Back, Side, Prone
One/Two-hand shooting

Course Topics Includes:

  Firearm Safety
  Review of Course #1
  Stance and Advanced Footwork Movement
  Turning and Drawing
  Rapid Target Acquisition
  Multiple Targets
  Balancing Speed and Accuracy
  One Hand Magazine Change
  One Hand Charging the Weapon
  Stress Fire Course
  Barricade & Obstacle Shooting 

Course Topics Includes:

  Close Contact Firing  
  Weapon Retention
  Weak Hand Fire / Reloads
  Barricade Shooting
  Obstacle Shooting
  Extreme Close Range Fire
  Long Distance Pistol Shooting
  Dynamic Movement to Cover
  Shooting from Difficult Positions
  Shooting from a Vehicle
  Clearing Rooms
  Firing In Pairs
  V.I.P. Drills
  Advanced Tactical Scenarios

Course Topics Include:

- Safety
- 5 Points of Contact
- Loading techniques and fighting stance
- Combat reloading techniques
- Dynamic assault and shooting on the move
- Urban Combat Point Shooting: (no aiming)
- Combat Shooting Positions
- Quick Magazine Changes
- Malfunctions
- Speed & Accuracy
- Closing Distance
- Long Distance Shooting
- Aiming and Sight Alignment
- Hand-to-Hand Combat with carbine
- Urban obstacle course

Because we are teaching the Israeli Method, and the M4/M16 are the standard issue rifles and carbines for the IDF, these courses will be limited to M4/AR-15 style weapons in any caliber.

Course Topics Include:

- Shotgun training safety
- Principals of personal defense
- Deployment methodology and concepts
- Use of the shotgun self defense
- Mental conditioning and combat mindset
- Combat fundamentals of shooting the shotgun
- The natural action stance.
- Quick Loading / unloading the shotgun
- Use of the tactical sling
- Presentation from low ready, high ready, indoor ready positions
- Combat gun-handling skills
- Moving off the line of force
- Threat assessment and area scanning
- Ammunition management and tactical reloading techniques
- Transition to secondary weapon system
- Malfunction clearance drills
- Multiple threat engagement
- Engaging threats during continuous movement
- Fighting with the shotgun at CQB distances
- Introduction to tactical speed shooting concepts
- Weapon retention issues.
- Stress training
- Barricade and Obstacle Shooting

Instinctive Tactical Shooting is a unique, fast paced method of training for real life Combat/tactical shooting. This course is physically demanding and radically different than standard American law enforcement firearms training. This course teaches you how to aim in a quick, natural way without using your gun sights. You will become proficient in rapid identification and acquisition of targets. Learn to advance to your target, properly using cover and concealment. Learn the Israeli method of quick magazine replacement. This method of firearms training employs firing under simulated combat conditions. Learn to shoot under simulated return fire. You will repeatedly fire your weapon under both physical stress with a high heart rate and under psychological stress. You will shoot like you do in combat, with a high level of adrenalin. Your mind will record your pistols operation on your body so that under live fire, shooting is instinctive, leaving your mind free to focus on your attacker. 
Tactical/Combat Shotgun (Course Length 2 days)

This firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting and development of aggressive gun-handling skills during tactical deployment of the shotgun for personal protection and home defense for civilians and Law Enforcement.
Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.
This firearms training course takes the student beyond the basics of the shotgun and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical when deploying the shotgun for personal defense.

Shotguns must be pump action, 12 or 20 gauge and have a side receiver ejection port / loading port. Lever-action and exposed hammer shotguns are not allowed!
Tactical/Combat Rifle (Course Length 2 Days)

This course focuses on the teaching of the Israeli Combat Method of the M4/M16 weapon. (AR-15) The M-4/AR-15 course is design to introduce all the skills sets needed for building the confidence to work with the AR-15 under the most demanding conditions and situations as taught to the Israeli Defense Forces. (IDF) Our training is intense, realistic and physically demanding. The operator will gain hands on proficiency and confidence once completed this intensive training course. 
Instinctive Tactical Shooting Level 3 (Course Length 2 Days)

The Israeli Tactical Pistol operator course is built to include all features that are found in training of operators and units that are deployed in high-risk zones. This course is geared towards Experienced Pistol Shooters, Police, Military and Security Professionals.

This is a high level training course that will challenge you regardless of your previous shooting and training experience. It is very intense and designed for the ones that are fit, and have proven their skills with prior combat training courses.
Instinctive Tactical Handgun Level 2 (Course Length 2 Days)

This course maintains a highly intensive structure, which is designed to equip the trainee with the key fundamentals of tactical pistol shooting and covers the specific skills applicable to normal every day or hostile environment situations.

You will learn to become faster, focused, confident and accurate with the handgun in any high stress situation, while maintaining a high level of safety and situational awareness, overcoming obstacles and neutralizing threats effectively. 

Aggressiveness, decisiveness and speed are integral elements of this system; and a combat mindset is stressed. Stress is a mandatory element introduced to this class, in order to expose trainees to pressure associated with actual events. This approach is geared towards deadly force confrontations when your life is in on the line rather then a shooting competition, where often skills required to compete simply fail under actual life event stress.

Instinctive Tactical Handgun Level 1 (Course Length 2 days)

In this course the trainee will be presented with the best features used in the Israeli handgun combat system. This course will teach you step by step the methods taught to Elite Police and Special Ops Units in Israel and adopted by professionals worldwide.

Trainees will learn how to confront a threat, draw from and fire - all in one second or less! Trainees will learn fundamentals of urban fighting; concealed carry conditions, the secrets of good peripheral vision and employment of lethal option tactics against multiple threats, shooting with one and two hand and progressing to advanced close combat fighting techniques.
Weapon Training
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