1. Law Enforcement
    We teach the most up to date Defensive Tactics Instructors Course for Law Enforcement DEFENSIVE TACTICS INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION
  2. VIP Protection
    We teach the most professional and prestigious VIP Executive Protection Course within the United States VIP EXECUTIVE PROTECTION SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION
  3. Weapons Training
    We teach the most battle proven Tactical & Combat Shooting method in the world as taught by the Israeli Defense Forces CERTIFICATION OF TRAINING IS PRESENTED
Tactical Training Options 
Krav Maga Tactical Training Options, has been teaching Defensive Tactics to Law Enforcement, Military and Government Officials for 19 years. Our courses include: Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, VIP Protection, Counter-Terrorism, Car Jacking, Hostage Situations, Active Shooter Response, Hand-to-Hand Combat, CQB Training, Israeli Combat Shooting with Handgun, Long Gun, and Tactical Shotgun.

Krav Maga Defensive Tactics is now used in more than 1000 Agencies 
throughout the United States as their primary Defensive Tactics Program.

Krav Maga Tactical Training Options 
 Defensive Tactics Instructor Course for Law Enforcement

Our National Defensive Tactics Instructor Course for Law Enforcement  
JULY 18, 19, 20, 21
Oklahoma City, OK 

This is a 40 hour POST Certified Course for Law Enforcement


Sheraton Oklahoma City Downtown Hotel
1 N. Broadway Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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4 Days Training 

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 Law Enforcement Instructor Course
Recertification Instructor Course
Each year we provide  a National Defensive Tactics Instructor Course for
Law Enforcement. Upon completion of this course you will be certified to teach Krav Maga Defensive Tactics to your Department or other agencies.
This course also is a recertification course if you already have a Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification. This  40 hour course will give you the continious education hours that you need to continue to teach
Law Enforcement Officers.